The Open Insurance Initiative in Germany

Free Insurance Data Initiative

The addition to existing "data exchange formats" such as BiPRO and GDV

We create the basis for the emergence of digital ecosystems - in the spirit of "Open Insurance".

The aim of FRIDA e.V. is to develop standardized interfaces and to offer them directly not only to insurers, but also to third-party providers and customers - similar to what is already possible in open banking or in the context of PSD2.
Strong partners from the insurance sector, the open source approach and last but not least the non-profit idea of the FRIDA initiative should ensure that the API solutions establish themselves as an industry-wide standard. This makes digital ecosystems scalable and efficient, including insurance-specific data and services.

FRIDA promotes and establishes open standards in digital insurance and related business areas.

FRIDA relies on structured cooperation between insurers and policyholders as well as other players in digital ecosystems. FRIDA enables easy and secure access to insurance data - where it makes sense and is advantageous for the insured.

FRIDA supports insurers and their partners in the digitization process through customer-centric use cases and motivates all market participants to cooperate transparently.


No more myths about Open Insurance! Classification, regulation, use case and opportunities for the insurance market

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    We establish open standards in digital insurance and related business areas


    The FRIDA use case focuses on the provision of data for transparency in retirement provision, e.g. using a pension cockpit.


    The FRIDA use case focuses on use cases in the healthcare sector, e.g. integrated contract and benefit management.


    The FRIDA use case focuses on the exchange of insurance data in the event of a claim, e.g. via wallet.


    The FRIDA use case focuses on use cases in the context of cyber insurance, e.g. the standardization of key risk indicators and data exchange between third-party providers and insurers.

    As FRIDA e.V. we rely on personal "initiative": Would you like to contribute your passion and skills and actively help shape Open Insurance?

    Then you are exactly right here!

    The minds behind FRIDA

    The idea of enabling new, end-customer-centric use cases by opening data and breaking through industry boundaries unites us!

    Julius Kretz

    FRIDA co-initiator

    “It's time for real customer centricity and the promotion of innovation. We need to think beyond the insurance industry.”

    Sebastian Langrehr

    FRIDA co-initiator

    “FRIDA has clear strategic guidelines: we stand for neutrality, open source and non-profit. We develop standards with a use case orientation.”

    Slobodan Pantelic

    FRIDA co-initiator

    "With FRIDA, we are bringing all the relevant players involved in Open Insurance to one table and are thus forming a market-driven framework for exchange and standardization."